Soups / Sauces

Create hearty soups and delectable sauces with our expertly crafted blends. These blends are designed to enrich the flavors of your culinary creations, making every spoonful a delightful experience.

Soups / Sauces

Item #



4006 Broccoli Cheese Soup Mix Very cheesy with broccoli pieces; add water  
5252 Brown Gravy Mix Beef-flavored gravy; add water  
4449 Cabbage Soup Seasoning Savory with tomato, herbs, and spices  
4851 Cajun Gravy Sauce Mix creamy sauce with a kick; add butter & water  
1784 Cheese Soup Mix Cheesy with a kick; add milk & cheddar  
4048 Cheesy Enchilada Soup Mix Cheesy with veggies; add water  
4498 Cheesy Potato Soup Mix cheesy and creamy potato soup; add water  
1260 Chicken Enchilada Soup Mix Creamy with a kick; add milk, cheese, & chicken  
247 Chili Mix Smooth traditional chili flavor  
1589 Enchilada Sauce Mix Flour-based with cumin and chili pepper flavor  
RD 7616-A Lemon Rosemary Soup Aromatic lemon & herbs chicken soup; add water  
5134 Pho Beef Seasoning Sweet & savory with a few spices  
5135 Pho Fish Seasoning Savory & sweet with some brightness  
4819 Pho Soup Base Savory with some aromatic spices  
5133 Pho Vegetarian Seasoning Sweet & savory with warm spices  
1263 Potato Soup Mix Includes potato & chive bits; add milk & cheddar  
5100 Tomato Basil Soup Slightly creamy soup; add water  
1210 Tortilla Soup Mix Savory chicken-flavored soup with bell pepper bits  
1262 Tortilla Soup Mix Chicken-flavored soup; add water, tomato sauce, & cheese