Cajun / Creole

Indulge in the spirited flavors of Louisiana with our Cajun/Creole Blends. Infused with the essence of the bayou, these blends boast a harmonious blend of bold spices, herbs, and a hint of heat. Whether you’re preparing gumbo, jambalaya, or blackened fish, our blends add an authentic Cajun/Creole touch.


Item #



239 Cajun Seasoning An all purpose savory blend with garlic flavor tones and a kick of heat from the peppers
245 Cajun Seasoning A bold zesty and pungent all purpose blend that does not require salt to bring out the flavor  
6302 Cajun Seasoning A Southern spicy traditional blend with some warm accent flavor tones  
510 Crab Boil Traditional flavored blend with whole spices adding strong flavors to water cooking up seafood  
479 Creole Seasoning A blend with a chili pepper and garlic flavor profile with a spicy aroma  
679 Creole Seasoning T.C. A rich salty seasoning with some red pepper heat and garlic undertones  
6310 Creole Seasoning T.C. A fine all purpose seasoning for meats, seafoods, and veggies that brings a savory warm flavor  
6048 Gumbo Seasoning A savory seasoning with a garlic and onion complex and bit of heat combined with other herbs  
6049 Roux Mix-Gluten Free Corn based mixture cooking well with a fat to help thicken sauces  
6050 Seafood Boil Spicy and savory spice blend to boil seafood in