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2023 Level 2 SQF Certificate

SQF Food Safety Code: Food Manufacturing Edition 9
SQF Food Safety Code: Storage and Distribution Edition 9

Recall Team Directory

The Recall Team is comprised of people directly affected by the recall. The goal of the Recall Team is to create a flawless network of communication from the Recall Coordinator through the entire team if a recall is initiated after hours.

Valdez Food Safety and Quality Overview

vs 1-31-23

The emphasis of the company is on the control of food safety, by establishing and maintaining all SQF
methods, as well as continual improvement and review of the food safety system for meeting its
customers’ demands.

Valdez Spice has something that makes a real difference.

At The Valdez Corporation, ensuring your safety is not just a commitment; it’s our cornerstone. We steadfastly adhere to the highest standards of food safety and quality. Complying rigorously with FDA and State Health regulations, we maintain pristine conditions throughout our facility, from raw material handling to distribution.

Our focus lies in the meticulous control of food safety, a principle embedded in our SQF (Safe Quality Food) Level II Certification – a mark recognized and endorsed by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). With a recent score of 99%, our dedication to excellence is evident.

We prioritize ongoing improvement, continually refining our food safety systems to meet your evolving needs. Every step is marked by effective hazard analysis, and we exclusively collaborate with suppliers who share our unwavering commitment to safety.

Our personnel, trained rigorously, adhere strictly to SQF Policy, Food Safety Procedures, GMP’s, SOP’s, SSOP’s, and HACCP Procedures, ensuring each product leaving our facility is nothing short of exceptional.

At The Valdez Corporation, our goal is clear: to provide not just a safe food facility, but a safe food product. Rest assured, your safety remains our top priority, guiding every decision we make.