Create crispy, flavorful coatings for your fried delights with our premium breadings. From classic to exotic, our blends guarantee a mouthwatering crunch in every bite.

Our Breadings Blends

Item #



3512 Catfish Breading mix Corn-based breader with savory notes & some heat
4994 Chicken Breader Flour-based; uses eggs & milk
3653 Chicken Fried Steak Breader Breader with a slight heat
4789 Chicken Fry Flour and corn-based spicy breader; add water
3312 Corn Meal Breader Corn meal breader with a savory flavor
5374 Fish Breading Mix Corn meal breader with savory and zesty notes
4790 Fish Fry Corn based breader with a slight heat and zesty flavor
5422 Jalapeno Breading Mix Panko breader with jalapeno aroma and a mild savory flavor
4535 Original Breading Mix Salty and savory spice blend for breading mix
4642 Seasoned Chicken Breader Basic breader with some heat
4813 Spicy Breading Mix Breader with heat and some garlic flavor