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Elevate your baked goods with our specially curated bakery blends. Perfectly balanced and ready to use, these blends add depth and flavor to your bread, cakes, and pastries.

Our Bakery Blends

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Bakery Blends


226 Apple Pie Spice Blend of sugar & warm spices
5486 Biscuit Mix Add shortening flakes & water; only has wheat allergen
5222 Café Pancake Mix Just add water mix with a slight buttermilk flavor
4208 Chipotle Brownie Mix Brownie mix with a subtle chipotle burn
3820 Cinnamon Pancake Mix Mix with a hint of spice; add milk, oil, & eggs
146 Cinnamon Sugar Cinnamon and sugar
6231 Complete Waffle Mix A basic just add water mix
3240 Crepe Mix with Vanilla Crepe mix with a vanilla flavor; just add water

Fried Pie Crust Mix

*Higher minimum order quantities may apply.

Mix for pies with moist texture; application includes adding buttermilk
6232 Fruit Cobbler Mix Cobbler crust mix; application includes adding butter, milk, and can of fruit
4695 Haus Pancake/Waffle Mix German style pancakes or waffles; Add milk eggs, & butter (optional)
5708 Honey Spiced Bread Mix Bread mix with honey and earthy spice notes; add oil & water
4448 House Cornbread Mix Add milk, oil or butter, & eggs
689 Jalapeno Cornbread Mix Traditional Texas cornbread flavor
5290 Lemon Curd Mix Sweet & tangy with a thick texture; just add water
5709 Lemon Raspberry Bread Sweet bread mix with notes of tart lemon and raspberry; add oil & water
5095 Maple Bacon Cornbread Mix Hints of maple and bacon; add milk, oil or butter, & eggs
5431 Oatmeal Pancake Mix Textured pancake mix with oats; add eggs, oil or butter, & buttermilk
365 Pumpkin Pie Spice Cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and clove
5710 Snickerdoodle Cookie Mix Typical snickerdoodle mix with cinnamon and sugar; add butter & water
5118 Sugar Cookie Mix Basic cookie mix; add eggs and butter